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Welcome to MIMIC magazine! We accept image submissions in all forms...glamour, fashion, avant-garde, fantasy, gothic/alternative, cinematic theme, editorial...focusing on originality and artistic style. MIMIC is all about promoting 'break the mold' concepts in beauty, design and photography...be original, copy no one! We accept original, unpublished open theme submissions for every issue. Break away from the every-day, coffee table fashion mags that have the same images/different models in every issue...help MIMIC stretch and redefine the boundaries of style with your originality and 'outside the box' pictorial concepts.  I challenge all bold artists, established and emerging alike, to submit and join a new and exciting publication whose passion for art matches their own!


Send submissions or inquiry emails to: mimicthemagazine@gmail.com  

Please include the following in your initial submission email:

• 4-12 low resolution images for review. Include a title for the photography set if you have one, if not, that's fine, we will create one that goes with the style of the feature. The actual title may be used, or another variation of that title may be chosen for the final layout design.

• Team credits for everyone involved (photographer, model/models, fashion designer, hair and make up artists, jewelry designer, body painter, wardrobe stylist, etc.) Include any crediting information on team, such as websites, links and Facebook accounts, if desired.  We won't be responsible for credits misspelled or missing credits, so make sure you include all artists involved with correct spelling.  If the credits are not in the initial submission email, they must be included in the completed IMAGE RELEASE form, sent to you after acceptance.  The credits and spelling you give us is what goes in! 

• Additional info on image content, such as locations, wardrobe/jewelry/accessory lists and retail prices, if any. (These can be included later after acceptance, if not included with the initial submission, in the completed IMAGE RELEASE form).  Info to be used at publisher's discretion, depending on space and layout.

• Images cannot be published or submitted to another magazine.  If posted or published online or on social media,  pics must be taken down immediately after acceptance to be published.  Acceptance does not guarantee all submitted images will be published.  Final total of published images will be at editor's discretion according to space and final layout for that issue.

• ALL submitted images are considered for ALL issues.  That means that submitted images to a specific theme or issue can be accepted and published in any issue, upcoming or future, depending on publisher's discretion.  You will be notified of the issue in which your images will be published.

If Your Submission Is Accepted:

An acceptance email will be sent to the same email that sent the original submission, along with an IMAGE RELEASE.  This release MUST be completed and sent to us as soon as possible.  If it is not received, the submission will not be published.  Covers are chosen from regular submissions.  Digital tear sheets for the submitted layout will be sent to the submitter's email after the run of that issue is done. After receiving your acceptance email, please provide us with the highest resolution images of your submission before the deadline. If we do not receive the accepted images in high resolution before the deadline, your submission may not be published.

Submitted images, once accepted, cannot appear online prior to the issue’s release.  This provides exclusivity, and gives the reader a fresh look at our vision of your images in print.  We prefer that your work is NOT published online first, so if you know beforehand that you will submit to us, please do not post the set online before or after submitting.  Also, all published will receive a Facebook post that links to MagCloud for preview and ordering of the print or digital copy of that issue. If your accepted submission is found to be posted elsewhere before the issue is released, we reserve the right to remove any or all of your images from that issue.

Please send images, preferred in 8.5"x11" for vertical or 11"x17" for horizontal, (or the original, large resolution edit of the image), 300 dpi, no watermarking or logos. All artists will be credited in the magazine. We can crop images as needed if provided in other sizes, to fit the final layout.

Accepted high resolution images can be sent by Dropbox or Google Drive to: mimicthemagazine@gmail.com

If Your Submission was not Accepted:

ALL submissions will receive a reply, either acceptance or rejection. We will reply personally to all submissions, and in a personal way, not cookie-cutter form replies. Your submission means a lot to us, and we thank you for choosing MIMIC for the images you worked so hard to create. If not accepted for the submitted issue, they will be kept on file, and if it fits a future issue better, you will be notified of your acceptance and the submission process will continue as normal. Rejection can be for a number of reasons, but we encourage you to keep submitting, as our visions may align better with a different photo set in the future.


By submitting, you are agreeing to allow MIMIC Magazine and its owner/agents, (upon notification of acceptance), the non-exclusive use of your work, including but not limited to: social media, promotions, publication, websites, advertisement, and any other formats used in the creation, dissemination and monetization of MIMIC Magazine. This agreement only grants us rights that obviously come with printing an online and print magazine. All copyright ownership stays with the photographer and artists that have them when submitting. All photo shoot expenses for a submission to MIMIC are covered by the team shooting and submitting the project. MIMIC in no way authorizes or commissions teams for hire, and does not pay for shoots, projects or images accepted. We do not charge a fee to submit, and we do not pay for accepted submissions. We do send digital tear sheets of layout pages (web-size versions for sharing) to each accepted submitter's email, once that issue's run is done, which is around the release of the next issue.   MIMIC Magazine print issues and digital copies can be purchased at MagCloud.com once the issue is released, and all that are published will receive email notification upon release of issue, as well as Facebook tags in the release post. Accepted images may also been included online at mimicmag.com. Usually, accepted images that make the print issue also make it to the online website and Facebook page, but images can also be exclusively print or exclusively web, and by submitting,  you are allowing us to do either or both. You will be notified of the published format of your accepted images, once final layouts are determined for that issue.

Contact Us

Send all inquiries/ideas to:  mimicthemagazine@gmail.com

No portion of this magazine may be reproduced, in any form, without the signed, written consent of the publisher.  All rights to images, art, writing, poetry and content belong to their respective owners as credited, and no ownership or assumption of ownership is made by the publisher by printing or displaying digitally any contributor's content.  All content, unless otherwise credited, is property and Copyright ©2016-2020 Paul A. Chamberlain.  All Rights Reserved.

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